September 2020

Sciacca, Australia, u friscaletto, meusa, arancina, octopus and cannola!
Here it is the Cannolo Report, fortnightly current affairs programme by the Cultural Department of Splendid Sicily. Art, culture, sun and food!
Everybody loves Bisacquino, the land of ingenious men!
In this episode we'll get to Bisacquino in the inland of Palermo. Here was born Frank Capra and many others ingenious Sicilians.

October 2020

Cuba Inn: an inn that has always existed
There are some places in Sicily that are lost in ancient times. Here it is Cuba Inn, in the middle of the…
Sicily in 1938, 1932 and 1928 (Luce Institute Archive)
Back in the past of Sicily with the exceptional video of Luce Institute. In this episode we are in 1938, 1932 and…

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