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Support Splendid Sicily trough culture. The Putia (Sicilian for Shop) by the Cultural Department of Splendid Sicily.

La Sicilia di Sara Favarò – Books by Sara Favarò – Italian language

Sicily by Sara Favarò one of the greatest scholars of the island with more than 70 works about Sicily.

Fresh from the sea – Book by Stefania Hartley (The Sicilian Mama) – English language

Will Gnà Peppina give her customers what they need, even if it’s more than food? What pleasures can a man indulge in after his wife has put him on a draconian diet? Who will be able to cook dinner for the family with five euros?

The heart of the table – Book by Carmela D’Amore – English language

Unlocking the treasures to family and community through Sicilian food

Je suis Ducrot – Book by Francesco Teriaca – Italian language

Historical novel on the figure of Victor Ducrot (a Palermitano with French origins who run a very famous Liberty furniture factory) that allows us to take a dip in Palermo of the early nineteenth century.

Le catacombe dei cappuccini – Book by Dario Piombino Mascali – Italian language

Come sono nate le catacombe dei Cappuccini di Palermo? Quali misteri custodiscono? Quali racconti contiene questo forziere unico al mondo, vero e proprio libro di una storia che si sviluppa lungo svariati secoli, ricchissimo di informazioni scientifiche, culturali, sociali?

Il colore della solitudine – Book by Betty Scaglione Cimò – Italian language

Un percorso di vita, trafitto dalla memoria, che si snoda in svariate vicissitudini, in un’essenza vissuta con pathos ed incessante interesse.

Carmela’s cucina povera – Book by Carmela D’Amore – English language

A journey of self-discovery and healing through Sicilian cooking

A slip of the tongue – Book by Stefania Hartley (The Sicilian Mama) – English language

Will Melina regret faking to be sick to avoid her chores? Can Don Pericle organise a wedding for a groom who doesn’t know? Who has stolen the marble pisces from the cathedral’s floor?

Il maestro del sonno eterno – Book by Dario Piombino Mascali – Italian language

Quali segreti custodisce Rosalia Lombardo, la ‘Bella Addormentata’ delle Catacombe di Palermo, ritenuta a ragione la più bella mummia del mondo?

Learn Sicilian (Mparamu lu Sicilianu) – Book by Gaetano Cipolla – English language

This is first comprehensive, interactive grammar of Sicilian designed as a College textbook, as well as a self teaching tool. The volume is beautifully llustrated and contains well written and informative readings on Sicilian culture. It is accompanied by a DVD containing the audio for all the readings, answers to the extensive exercises and an interactive guide to Sicilian pronunciation.

Sicilia a due ruote – Book by Giovanni Vallone – Italian language

Edizioni Arianna – Sicilian publisher

Arianna Attinasi is a young (and brave) Sicilian Publisher established in Geraci Siculo, inland of Sicily (Madonie mountains).

Shop at Sicilian Artisan Foundation: artists and artisans of Sicily.

The greatest project focusing on Sicilian creativity.

Confetti and Lemon blossom – Book by Stefania Hartley (The Sicilian Mama) – English language

For Don Pericle, wedding organising is a calling, not just a career. Deep in the Sicilian countryside, between rose gardens and trellised balconies, up marble staircases and across damasked ballrooms, these charming stories unfold: stories of star-crossed love, of comedic misunderstandings and of deep friendships, of love triumphing in the face of adversity. To these brides and grooms-to-be, Don Pericle becomes a guru, a mentor, even a friend, solving problems, untangling knots, rearranging menus and transforming lives. Fishmongers and Ferrari drivers, dressmakers and divorcees, gardeners and grandmothers: within the walls of Villa Lingualarga, all are offered a new chance at understanding each other – and maybe even finding true love.

The Ulysses Butterfly (La Farfalla di Ulisse) – Book by Virna Chessari – English/Italian

What’s your is mine – Book by Stefania Hartley (The Sicilian Mama) – English language

Can Melina give away her husband’s possessions because they’ve always said that ‘what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine’? Will the ‘Sleep Doctor’ deliver on his promises? How will the young Sicilian duke, Pericle, help his friend get married?

Villaggio letterario – Books by Anna Russolillo Association – Italian language

Villaggio letterario è un esempio virtuoso che va esportato … perchè è un modo per avvicinare la gente all’arte ed alla bellezza (Sebastiano Tusa)

Guida dell’Etna – Book by Giovanni Vallone – Italian language

The more complete guide of Etna.

La casa nel cuore – Book by Betty Scaglione Cimò – Italian language

Il profumo della memoria. Una storia di luoghi, di sentimenti, di paesaggi dell’anima s’addipana in questa storia, che sa del particolare vissuto e, insieme, di uno sguardo sul passato di ciascuno.

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