Frida and Peppino: the true story of Lady Chatterley’s lover


Taormina has always been a place of viveurs, parvenues, voyageurs and all more or less frivolous things and noblesse to say it like the French.

When D. H. Lawrence’s, to whom a street was dedicated, tuberculosis got worse, the doctors advised him to spend the winter there.

It was 1920 and the illustrious English writer arrived in the “pearl of the Ionian Sea” with his faithful wife.

When a male Sicilian returns home, he opens the door, puts down his coppola if he has it, goes to the kitchen and asks his wife: “Hello dear, what is there to eat today?”, and she answers “Pasta with tomato sauce and steak”, so here we are in the presence of “ro manciari rei cunnuti” (food for the betrayed husband), since the woman did not have time to prepare a worthy lunch and fixed in 10 minutes these two dishes.

Where have you been?

Why did you cook so quickly?

Were you with another man?

Frida, if she knew how to cook, would have had this menu for David Herbert Lawrence, her husband: “u cunnutu!” (Who suffers, more or less consciously, the betrayal of his partner. Represented buy the bull’s horns)

Host: Giovanni Vallone

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