You may be Sicilian by birth, by design, or even by accident.  For whatever reason you are Sicilian it is the people of this island near or far who make up the rich fabric of its existence.  Come and meet Sicily, come and meet the Sicilians

Splendid Sicily is a museum where our Sicilian culture exhibits are available in audio and video, our productions are spread in the English language as is our website

Our aim is to represent the traditions, culture, art, the ethnic aspect, the monuments the landscape and the pure essence of Sicily through our audio and video productions, therefore with a mission to spread our “beauty” into the entire world.

Like a museum, Splendid Sicily has so many portholes for you to view, such as: ‘This is my house,” (with our team that slips into the houses of the Sicilians, always hospitable and humorous);  “Somewhere in a square” ( a drone and a go-pro visiting places and enhancing the beauties of our monuments, and always with the usual snooping locals)  “Running Sicily” (exploring a place, and virtually running around it!);  “Only in Sicily” (we bring you the bizarre stories that happened in Sicily, such as the Duke of Avarna who rang the bells before making love with his very young lover!)  “Sicily is calling” ( another curious post that compares Sicily with remote islands all around the world such as:  Kerguelne, Svallbard…); and so many stories for those who want to experience and enjoy Sicily, truly in the core, in its essence, in its Sicilian nature.

We are proud to introduce ourselves to you as a highly experienced team of local scholars, historians, entrepreneurs, journalists, writers and cultural experts, whose connections reach the highest levels of influence in Sicily – culturally, socially, politically and spiritually.

Come discover with us everything Sicily has to offer.

Taste every food, dive into art, music and history, marvel at the immense physical beauty of Sicily’s vast landscapes and find out why the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and others prized this land so much and wanted to make Sicily their very own.

Our goal is for visitors to take a journey through the countryside, the local markets, Sicilian homes, the squares with their elderly residents in flat caps, the food, the wine all in the warmth of the Sicilian sun.

Join us, become a Sicilian!

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