Is it possible to love the place where you were born so much to dedicate yourselves, decades of experience, your life’s work, and your time to it for free? It would seem so. The people below do just that.
In the strict sense they are the Splendid Sicily staff, however in reality they couldn’t do it without the contributions and participation of DOC Sicilians: etno-anthropologists, archaeologists, naturalists, scholars, mayors, writers…….

Thanks to everyone

P.S. thanks to all the people around the world who are contributing to support this awe-inspiring vision of Sicily.

The Cultural Department of Splendid Sicily is entitled to the memory of our illustrious member Sebastiano Tusa, supporter, friend, genuine man, kind islander and one of the greatest Sicilian archeologist ever, sadly died in a 2019 aircrash. Ciao Seb (left in the picture above during a book presentation with Splendid Sicily President Giovanni Vallone)
Sebastiano Tusa
One of the most illustrious archaelogists (and Sicilian) ever tragically died in an aircrash in 2019 during a Unesco's mission. Member of Splendid Sicily since 2016, Sebastiano was one of the great architect of this project.
Giovanni Vallone
President and founder of Splendid Sicily, TV and radio author, writer, ethno-anthropologist, Giovanni has devoted his whole life to the spread and the study of his beloved island. More at
Betty Scaglione Cimò
Writer, poet, entrepreneur, Betty is one of the most famous Sicilian who constantly spread our culture and our traditions all over the world. She is a source of inspiration for all of us.
Giovanna Battaglia
Main speaker, translation, author, chief assistant, Giovanna has lived most of her life in U.S.A.
Donna Fernanda Paternò dei Duchi di Carcaci
Watercolor artist, calligrapher, writer and traveler. She belongs to one of the most famous aristocratic Sicilian families, the Paternò . A woman full of resources and a precious source of news and inspiration for the Cultural Department.
Carmela D'Amore
“Sicily is my biological mother” says Australian/Sicilian born Award winning, International Sicilian chef Carmela D’Amore, who is also an International author who's purpose is in the preservation of the Sicilian culture through cultural stories, recipes, and takes her clients to visit her motherland on an annual cultural and culinary tour to Sicily.
Gaetano Cipolla
A retired professor of Italian and Chairman of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages at St. John's University in New York City. He was born and raised in Francavilla di Sicilia in Messina Province, Sicily and emigrated to the US in 1955. He received his Bachelor of Science (1961) from New York University, Master of Arts (1969) from Hunter College (CUNY), and the PhD (1974) from New York University. He joined the faculty of St. John's University in 1974 and retired in 2011.
Dario Piombino Mascali
Dario is a bioarchaeologist specialized in mummy studies and paleopathology. Dario has lectured in many universities, including Edinburgh, Cranfield, and Vilnius, and heads the first "Mummy Studies Field School", which is organized every summer in Sicily. He collaborates with National Geographic and is a frequent guest on pertinent TV programs and documentaries, and his research was featured on several international media.
Rosanna Paternostro
TV author, anthropologist, Rosanna is from Corleone in the inland of Palermo an area rich in old traditions and habits. Rosanna is one of the best Sicilian reporter for that concern the ethno-antropological stories.
Sara Favarò
Writer, poet, singer, actress, here it is Sara one of the most famous Sicilian ethno-anthropologist. Her life is full of Sicily that she spreads all over the world throughout her works.
Irene Varveri Nicoletti
Writer, painter and author. Irene lives in the very inland of Sicily (Leonforte). She has a strong Sicilian soul: romantic and old fashioned. Irene is a great landmark for our Cultural Department.
Arianna Attinasi
Publisher of Edizioni Arianna, singer, pianist. That's Arianna, a girl full of life and culture. Since her young age she run a publishing house in Geraci Siculo, Madonie mountain, an area with strong traditions and habits. Arianna is presenting a show focusing on ... books, of course!

Antonino Cangemi
Renowned writer and journalist, Antonino has realized some of the most intriguing researches about Sicilians of the past. Also Antonino is a precious source of culture and stories
Carmelo Fucarino
Illustrious Sicilian scholar, professor of classic literature. Writer, essayist, poet Carmelo has received many awards among others the prestigious City Council Citation of New York as «an outstanding citizen, one whom is worthy of the esteem of both community and the great City of NY».
Tonino Giunta
Sea explorer, sea archaeologist and sea reporter. Our man of the Mediterannean seabed, searching for clues of the past.
Michael Cavalieri
Michael Cavalieri is an American actor and first time Writer/Director of Sicilian origins. His Directorial Debut “RITORNATO” which he also stars in was awarded a special grant by the Russo Brothers, the Directors of Avengers: Endgame. Cavalieri has received critical acclaim for starring roles in many Award-winning festival

Giuseppe Spina
Former Director of Etna Park, Giuseppe is a famous Sicilian that has introduced our Cultural Department to many people and organizations that have helped us on our work. A precious friend of Sicilians!
Salvatore Bartolotta
President of "Borghi piu belli d'Italia" association that has the aim of preserving and maintaining villages of quality heritage. He is from Novara di Sicilia a picturesque small town in the Northern side of Sicily.
Pina Borrello
Correspondent from Washington D.C.
Salvatore Sal Giardina
Salvatore Giardina is a first generation Siculo American (from Pozzallo) who is a menswear designer, Adjunct Professor of Textiles at Fashion Institute of Technology, recipient of “ Ragusani Nel Mondo” award in 2016 and a dual citizen of Italy and USA. Salvatore has embraced local history and genealogy of the Sicilian people.
Tommaso Puccio
Tommaso is a pillar of the Rotary club in Sicily and a great lover and connoisseur of the Palermitano hinterland.
Anna and Vanna Cuticchio
Anna Cuticchio, an icon in Sicily, was the first pupara (marionnettist) woman ever of the Opera of the Puppets that is one of the characteristic cultural traditions of Sicily. In her adventorus life at a certain point she decided to become a nun. Vanna is her daughter. They are two pillars of our Cultural Department and of Palermo town.
Elizabeth King
Radio Splendid Sicily author and voice. She is Irish and totally fallen in love with Sicily.
Vincenzo Belfiore
Vincenzo lives in Noto, one the capitals of the Baroque architecture in the world. He is considered the most important historician of that side of Sicily.
Aida Satta Flores
Well known Sicilian song singer-writer, Aida is a fervid supporter of Sicilian culture and heritage.
Memmo Gambina
Scholar, guide. Memmo lives in Trapani area and is a great connoisseur of his territory that explores daily. Memmo is well know in Sicily for having discovered many solstice stones in tha area.
Umberto Balistreri
Ambientalist, ecologist Umberto is the man of the caves!
Fabio Lanteri
Vice mayor in Cassaro, the doorway of Pantalica, Fabio is our referred point in this beautiful side of Sicily.
Fabio Grippaldi
Art historian from Acireale, the town of the Ionian coast with a gorgeous Baroque style. Fabio is a great connoisseur of the area.
Silvana Recupero
Silvana is one of the greatest Sicilian chef with many programs presented on Italian Public Network. Thousands of people, every year, write to her in order to have some suggestion about Sicilian recipes.
Giusy La Bella
Our referred point in Montalbano Elicona area, the nice place between the Nebrodi mountains and the Mediterranean sea.
Silvana Restivo
She is from Casteltermini, few kms from the Temples Valley. A great reporter with a great love for the tales of old people and the traditions and the habits of her area.
Carmelo Carrubba
Our referred point in the area of Sutera, where the grain of fields replace the Mediterranean sea. President of the toursitic office. Carmelo is a great connoisseur of the folk traditions of its places.
Francesca Millauro
Inland area reporter
Marcello Mastroeni with Jack, the barking Drone
Father and pilot of Jack Jackfly, the Drone, in the eastern side of Sicily
Salvo Ventura
Audio, photographer
Giuseppe Recupero
Speaker, Splendid Sicily soundtrack author
Fabio Sparacio
Father and pilot of Drino the drone, in the western side of Sicily

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