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lit the incense, turn off the light, close your eyes, put off your shoes and make your own magic world inspired by the sounds and the voices you listen to

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Ziryab (789-857)

Tales of Sicily - An historic Sicilian Journey through music of the past: Ziryab

Giacomo da Lentini and the Sicilian School of poetry

Giacomo da Lentini and the Sicilian School of poetry

The Sicilian sense of humor

Gaetano Cipolla tells us about the Sicilian sense of humor

Tales of Francesco Lanza: part one

The illustrious Gaetano Cipolla tells the funny short stories of the Sicilian writer and poet Francesco Lanza (Valguarnera Caropepe, 5th July 1897…

The Duke Avarna

Gualtieri Sicaminò is a village lost deep down in the valleys of Messina. Here lived the Duke Avarna, the Duke of the…

Oranges and Candles: episode one

We'll walk in the promenade of Cava d'Aliga; then, let's imagine an old Sicilian woman of the early XX century; and now…

Frida and Peppino: the true story of Lady Chatterley’s lover

Frida and Peppino: the true story of Lady Chatterley's lover. It was 1920 and the illustrious English writer arrived in the “pearl…

Travels in Sicily and Malta, by Patrick Brydone, ep. 2

In this episode we tell you about the wonderful voyage of Patrick Brydone in Sicily, who made the trip in the XVII…

How Frank turned into Ciccio

In this episode we’ll tell you the story of Frank Lucido who came in Sicily looking for his ancestors. The Staff of…

Thelema Abbey: the visionary sect of Aleister Crowley

Here the story of the Thelema Abbey founded by Aleister Crowley an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer.

Cannolo report

Pizzaguy, Phoenicians, cannolo coin, the pignolata and much more!

Here it is the Cannolo Report, fortnightly current affairs programme by the Cultural Department of Splendid Sicily. Art, culture, sun and food!

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