My Sicily? Ten meals in a day!

The Director Ante Novakovic The Director Ant Novakovic shot in Sicily his ‘Leaves of the Tree’.

Shot on location, the film features enough gorgeous images of its Sicilian environs to fuel a tourism boom.

HOST: Danielle Cotton



About Ante Novakovic

Director – Writer – Producer, recently completed the Action Thriller – Sanctioning Evil – with Tobias Truvillion , Zach McGowan and Taryn Manning . His more recent films include Last Call (2021) , Fright Fest (2018) , Little Ukraine , Christmas vs. The Walters (2021) , The Fix (2013) , Leaves of the Tree (2016) and Fire Island . Born and raised to immigrant parents in the Bronx, NY, his innate passion for art and literature have inspired a love for storytelling . While attending the New School University he wrote and directed “The Immigrant’s Son”, “A Room Full of Nothing”, and “Poems Taught”, – character/ theme based plays performed off-Broadway. He began working in film alongside Harvey Keitel and Colin Farrell as an associate in their respective production companies, allowing him the unique opportunity to work on over 60 feature films.


Music feautured on this episode: I wished on the moon (Billie Holiday) – Mars and the Artist (Billie Holiday) – Brimful of Asha (Cornershop)

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