Ancestors, walking the past, Mandorlo in Fiore feast, San Leoluca, Roger II and much more


Testo in italiano


In this episode of the Cannolo Report:

  • News in Sicily
  • Next weeks in Sicily
  • Out and about in Sicily
  • Sicilian Almanac of the past

News in Sicily

Following the news of this episode

Looking for your Sicilian ancestors

We”l find them! Click here

Underneath sea

Sicily is beautiful on the surface but also underneath its sea.

Walking the past

One of the most beautiful experiences to live here in Sicily is that of a nice walk in the abandoned and non-tourist archaeological places, and bring a nice Sicilian picnic with cheese, olives, salami, bread and an orange!

Sicilian masterpieces

Sicily is a land of culture and monuments and occupies the first place in Italy in terms of visits to archaeological or museum sites.

Etna still erupting

Is still ongoing the eruption on Etna volcano, while in Stromboli everything is calm


Next weeks in Sicily

  • Weather
  • The maiorchino race
  • Mandorlo in fiore international feast
  • Feast of Saint Leoluca
  • Nicola Pucci exhibition in Palermo
  • Teatro Massimo in Palermo: Serva Padrona and Falstaff
  • Teatro Bellini in Catania: Carmen

Out and about in Sicily

– Salina or Dydime island

– Irminio river

– Cathedral of Noto


Almanac of the past

26 February 1154 Roger II, king of Sicily, die in Palermo.

Istituto Luce video The cultivation of the Agave, 1938

Sicilian saying A puvirtà nun è virgogna, ma mancu preiu which means Poverty is not a shame, but not even a quality

The voice Here are two cart drivers who until not many years ago transported fruit and vegetables from one town to another.

The book Guy de Maupassant, in his “Journey to Sicily” in 1865, describes his visit to the Venere Landolina in the Archeological museum in Syracuse

Tomb of Roger II in Palermo cathedral



Cafe Monte Venere



Host: Giovanni Vallone from Bantry (Ireland)

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