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Daniela Iozzia, coffa bags


“Art is the concept and expression of beauty, of freedom and of the human soul, wich transmits emotions through creativity”



Hello everyone I am Daniela Iozzia this is my workshop.

I do baskets that were once used by our farmers and shepherds to contain fodder for animals or land products.

They are the Sicilian coffa bags.

I have created these bags enriched with fine materials.

These are our coffa bags made of dwarf palm leaves, hand woven that I decorate for example with hand paintings on real leather.

This is our Sicilian cart that we decorate with passementerie.

Here inside we have a sack.

I like to call them luxurybags because in addition to the material used that is of quality, our work is really meticulous and cared for in every detail.

Each bag has its own closure and clutch.

This is a hand twisted fringe,, these are flowers always handmade in pure cotton.

This is my logo that represents our Trinacria revisited in a modern way with a crown on the head.

Actually the Coffa bags have always been made but I focused on the modernity and originality of the coffa bags, following the fashion of the moment.

This is rebrodé lace and I also used metallic lycra to enrich this coffa.

We work a lot on crochet, like our grandmothers, with works that we apply to bags.

This is our Orlando, the paladin of the “Opera of the Puppets” loved by Sicilians of the past, there are some typical Sicilian giummi and here you see, we have revisited it in a modern way.



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The creative people of Trinacria

Sicilian Artisan Foundation (S.A.F.) is a project  to sustain the Sicilian creativity, over all to support the artisans and artists.

The objective of S.A.F is both to safeguard the traditions and ancient crafts of the people of Sicily, and to sustain economically the Artisans and the Artists, both the real ethno-anthropologists of the country.

The writers transcribing down through memory to the pen; artisans use their hands and flair.

Both use their hearts.



Author: Giovanni Vallone, Cultural Department of Splendid Sicily


Translation: Giovanna Battaglia, Cultural Department of Splendid Sicily


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