Filippina and Angelo: a merry couple of “cassatelle”!


Testo in italiano


The two ministers are Mrs.  Filippina and her husband Angelo.

At the entrance we are welcomed by a beautiful nativity scene made with Sicilian mandarins.

What we are witnessing is a real gem.


Mrs. Filippina prepares for us the recipe for the  cassatelle from Agira, It’s s secret for a good part.

She: This is the conca to warm up and this is the stone oven where the cassatelle are prepared

We go inside and start a nice chat

Nar: How did you two meet?

She: I was 12 years old when he first proposed , but I was too young. It  could not be

He: Yes, but I didn’t give up

Nar: And when did you give up  Mrs. Filippina?

She:  At 16, four years later!

Nar: She made you wait a good while dear Mr. Angelo!

She: The first wedding night the heart was beating very fast. They made 3 serenades before going to bed!

All right… Let’s go make the Cassatelle

The preparation is an art of Agira.

Mamma  Miaaaaaaaaaaaaaa everyone: The Cassatelle of Agira just made!

Mrs. Filippina also makes us go around her home and shows us some photos

She: This is the picture after 8 days

Nar: What does this mean?

She: When you first got married for the first 8 days you didn’t go out, you stayed at home.

Nar: Let me see how you  wore after 8 days closed at home with Angelo. Mamma mia!

Nar: Mr.  Angelo I know everything

He: Not  everything everything!

Thank you wonderful couple of Agira: you represent all the Sicilians.

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