Filippo Iuvarra (1678-1736): the architect of the Kings



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Filippo Iuvarra

di Claudio Paterna


Buongiorno dear friend of Splendid Sicily.

We are in Palermo, just in front the Palazzo dei Normanni, the Palazzo of the Sicilian Kings of the past.

Here it is this monument dedicated to king Filippo V of Spain and IV of Sicily.

Thsi king gave luster to the greatest Sicilian architectc eve: Filippo Iuvvarra, born in Messina on March 7 1768.

Iuvarra have been realized important works in Sicily and all around Europe and was considered the greatest architect of his times.

Even if his parents were of modest origins they perceived the talent of teir son and supported Filippo to study arcitecture allowing him to become one of the great protagonist of Baroque period.

Iuvarra worked for a long period in Torino as architect of the Savoia family.

He realized work as the Superga basilic and the Places of Venaria and Superga.


Iuvarra was also asked by king Filippo to realize the royal abode of Spanish emperors.

Iuvarra gave great inspiration to the further Sicilian architects.




Author: Claudio Paterna, Cultural Department of Splendid Sicily


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