Joe-Giuseppe and Angela


Joe Giuseppe and Angela – Testo in italiano


Joe Giuseppe and Angela: America inside a Sicilian home

Even if it’s not easy to tell, we caught a rainy day in Sicily.

We are in Vittoria, in the southern part of the island: Giuseppe called Joe and his wife Angela are waiting for us.

Uhmmmm What a strange name for a Sicilian: Joe Giuseppe!

Here, this is the house.

Nar “Good Morning”

He “please come in”

Ehy But what is John Fitzgerald Kennedy doing on a Sicilian jar?

He “He was a great man”

There are pictures hanging from the entrance wall that do not seem to have been taken in Sicily.

He “Ah, America. I miss it so much, you know! You see that Cadillac. I made it come purposely from America when I got married here in Vittoria “

Uhmmm… what a curious guy this Giuseppe called Joe is!

Come, follow me, i’il show you a few things.

He “This is the American Declaration of Independence”

The Declaration of Independence of America in a Sicilian house?

There is even a Sicilian opera puppet  next to it!

He (recorded in American)

Photos and documents hanging everywhere, all memories of a lifetime.

He (recorded in American)

We are in the attic, in Joes – Giuseppe  Museum an American in Sicily or, if you prefer, a Sicilian in Sicily but with his head still in America.

Mamma Mia: he kept everything, even eye glasses!

He (recorded in American)

And since a Sicilian is always a Sicilian, in America instead of growing the lawn and   flowers in the garden they grow  vegetables!

He (recorded in American)

Sweet Giuseppe you remained Joe!

He “I love America I can’t forget”… “


Joe-Giuseppe and the pianola!

Nar “Good Morning mam”

She “Good Morning”

They  tell me their story

He “Let’s go in the next room”

There are American flags of all sizes in every corner of the house.

This then: Sicilian Citrus and American flag!

Yes, right here, I found, Eureka: Joe-Giuseppe with the Sicilian-American consul in Sicily!

J-G takes me to another room, now I’m his favorite victim and he shows me a beautiful picture of their wedding in 1961.

Right in front of us, among the inevitable American flags, there is a pianola.

Don’t tell me that…


Pasta and farewells

Now we are in the little courtyard: a lemon Tree, and  there is also  thread to hang the clothes, no dryers here we are Sicilians.

Um… strange there doesn’t seem to be a trace of America out here. Ah, old Joe, you foold  me!

Come on  Mamma  Angela is calling us its time to eat!

The kitchen is great and Joe went ahead to put American memories left and right.

To help the couple there Josie their daughter.

He (recorded in American)

The pasta is finally ready: anchovies, crumbs, tomato paste and Sicilian wild fennel. Yummy:

Delicious Angela Although maybe Joe would have preferred a nice hamburger!

I’m just kidding, pasta is always the pasta for a Sicilian!

Now, at the table, it’s Angela that tells me about her America.

She also worked in a Sicilian pastry shop and she’s  moved by the memory of a friend who is no longer there.

It’s time to go, unfortunately.

“This is my other daughter, Giovanna, when we were in America. She used to work right in front of the Twin towers and every day she took the subway that passed right under the site of the disaster! “

Joe-Giuseppe and Angela pose under their young portraits and the inevitable American flag. It was a wonderful day with two wonderful Sicilians. Thanks Angela, thanks old Joe!


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