Marinello lakes


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The Marinello lakes are a place of fascinating beauty, in one of the most exciting landscapes in the Mediterranean area.

They are right at the bttom of Tyndaris which housed the homonymous small village which was first Greek and then Roman and still today we can admire its ruins, such as the theater and the baths.

Where once there was the acropolis of Tyndaris, there is now a sanctuary that houses the black Madonna, highly venerated in Sicily.

“I am black but I am beautiful”, she says.

Looking out from Tindari is an extraordinary spectacle that involves half the northern coast of Sicily, the Aeolian islands and the Marinello lakes, mirrors of the sea trapped by the sand.

There are six of them and can be easily reached from the seaside village of Marinello.

An oasis of peace, a forge of thought.

Let’s see what that Sicilian has to tell us

Hello, were you a fisherman by any chance?

“Yes, I also became a fisherman when I was young, with the Marrella’s who were famous fishermen. And in fact they named that pond after them. While the other is named after another fisherman, zu Peppe du stacchio was said “

How old are you?


82 ???

“You are the first time you come here. I am here every day. If you ask about me, everyone knows me, I come here by bicycle every day, lawyer Foti Rosario “

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