Mrs. Antonina: a 89 woman from inland


Testo in italiano

by Rosanna Paternostro



Bisacquino, western hinterland of Sicily.

A  town with strong Sicilian roots where many traditions still remain solid.

Frank Capra was born here before he emigrated to America when he was very young.

Many people from  Bisacquino emigrated to America in the early 1900s.

And his echo must also have reached the ear of the director of Everybody loves Raymond so much so that in one episode a mysterious aunt of Bisacquino appears.

In this little town our  Rosanna  Paternostro met Mrs. Antonina.

Ros: Good evening, Mrs. Antonina. Tell us a little about your past. Did the hairdresser come to the house on the wedding day?

Ant: Yes the hairdresser came

Ros: How old were you?

Ant: 19 years old … wait there is my son

Ros: Did you go to the restaurant like now?

Ant: No we ate at home, we had lunch the next day

Ros: And on the night of the wedding you had, party

Ant:  Yes a party, confetti, cookies

Ros: What did you used to drink

Ant: Homemade rosoli. There were the green confetti and the green rosolio that was used for the engagement

Ros: How many children did you have

Ant: 4, one is here

Ros:  Did you give birth in the  hospital

Ant: No at home. They prepared the water

Ros: And where did they wash the baby

Ant: In the tub

Ros: You have always been here in Bisacquino

Ant: We spent two months in Germany and came back

Ros: And why did you come back

Ant: My husband didn’t like the bread, it was black very black

Ros: Who is this in the photo?

Ant: My husband …  he played the accordion

Ros: How old are you?

Ant: I’m old

Ros: You look good

Ant: 89

Ros: I’ll come to see you some other time

Ant: And when?

Ros: You live alone

Ant: Yes alone

Ros: But as they say: sulità … which means solitude

Ant: Santità, pani picca e libertà which means  Holiness, little bread and freedom

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