New Orleans, Prima e Jefferson, San Giuseppe, olives and much more


Testo in italiano


In this episode of the Cannolo Report:


Charles Geno from New Orleans

What a great connection between Sicily and U.S.A.!

Louis Prima, St Joseph, Thomas Jefferson and much more


Out and about

Let’s take a nice walk in Sicily to discover its wonders

Here we are in Borgo Cascino, one of the many agricultural villages built at the beginning of the 20th century to boost agriculture. There were the houses of the people, the church, the school, the food store and the post office. Today these small villages are semi abandoned but continue to have a great charm for the positions they occupy, often surrounded by countryside and hills.

This is the Zingaro riserve, a wonderful place suspended between the sea and nature. Famous are its bays of golden beach.

And here we are in Capogallo, one of the many mountains that surround Palermo. Up here there is a lighthouse that a bizarre gentleman has chosen as his home and has embellished the place with millions of small stone and glass tiles creating a mosaic of incredible beauty.


Cinema Siciliana

If you have a story that can be made into a documentary movie contact us. Tell the world about the trials and tribulations that Sicilians have undertaken to reach other shores of the world. We restore dignity to the sacrifices of our ancestors info@splendidsicily.com


Two proverbs by our Splendid Teresa Hartley, the Sicilian Mama

Stefania Hartley, best known in England as The Sicilian Mama, is a writer of Sicilian stories and folklore.

You can find her books on Amazon and at www.stefaniahartley.com


Sicilian Artisan Foundation

Splendid Sicily supports quality Sicilian craftsmanship.




Almanac of the past

On June 28, 1867 Luigi Pirandello was born, one of the most authentic Sicilian writers who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1934. Do you feel like buying one of his books? One that comes to mind : One, No One, and One Hundred Thousand

Ancient Folk Medicine: Surdia, or Deafness – The best remedy is to spray into the sick ear some milk from a woman who has just given birth, for the first time, to a baby boy. The milk, of course, must be sprayed by the woman herself.

The farmer’s advice (si ripete per tutto il mese): in June the wheat of which Sicily is particularly rich is harvested. Figs and cherries are picked. This month is the end of milking the sheep.

In this Luce Institute footage we are in Acquedolci and it is in 1939. These Sicilians are cultivating a plant that is very common on the island: the Agave. Still today it is used because from the fabric obtained the famous coffe are made, ancient Sicilian work bags that are now a fashion accessory. Who was going to tell to these Sicilians of almost one hundred years ago!


In this 1955 photo, Sicilians crowd around the ferculum of a saint in the town of San Fratello. The Sicilian popular feasts are one of the great appointments not to miss to visit if you come in Sicily. People participate with great passion and devotion. You can see Sicilians with the coppola, children well dressed, the carabiniere in high uniform, houses with the typical facade of stone and on the left a white balcony, certainly of an important costruction, perhaps the town hall. The priest and the mayor will certainly be up there.


Next weeks in Sicily

Weather forecasts

The fruit seller

Slurp slurp … let’s see what the greengrocer propose this time

The fish seller

Slurp slurp … let’s see what the fishmonger propose this time

Feasts and events



This episode was broadcasted from New Orleans (U.S.A.)













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