Pippo and Kalpna: a Sicilian-African Day


Testo in italiano

Text by Giovanni Vallone

We are in eastern Sicily, near Lentini, founded by the Greeks in the eighth century BC.

Here Gorgia, one of the greatest philosophers of antiquity, was born.

Here there are many trees of oranges and lemons, pride of Sicily.

And some excellent yellow melons!

Here we are.

Hi doggie

Here is Pippo

“We brought some melons”

Stone, palms and flowers: colors of Sicily.

“Please come in”

Thank you

So many beautiful plants, hello giraffe.

Here we are.

But are we in Sicily or Africa?

(incontro Kalpna e parliamo in inglese)

(Kalpna dice che ha preparato i cudduruni)

(kalpna in inglese su cibo e su dove è nata ecc)

Okay, so let’s go see this miracle garden.

A swing: what a great idea!

What a beautiful view of Carlentini and the Sicilian countryside.

And what a beautiful arbor of grapes.

Here is the miracle garden.

“We do the vegetable garden there and then we have lots of fruit trees.”

“When we arrived there was nothing, just orange trees. Then, slowly we did everything”

“I was born there, now I’ll tell you about my life”

“This is the oven where we make bread, pizzas and various roasts.”

Two beautiful Sicilian olive trees.

“Those are capers”

Uhmmm … the renowned Sicilian capers.

“I was born there, in Carlentini. At the end of my studies, there was no work here and when I was 22 I went to England. I traveled a bit ‘everywhere, I returned to Sicily as a tour guide and I stayed a few years in Cefalù. But when my son was born I returned to England, in Kent. I opened a restaurant but after a few years it wasn’t doing so well and I closed it. Then a cousin of mine, who was in England, introduced me to the world of waterless cookware, which cooks without water, without salt and is healthy. I used to sell cookware for a company and put my brand on it. But there weren’t many of those sold here in England. I already had two children, born to my English wife, who are now grown up: one is in Las Vegas and the other in Mallorca. One day I met Kalpna and we got engaged. And my life changed from there. To make a long story short we went to Kenya and there the work went very well, for them this kind of waterless cookware was new. I had become a star in Kenya, they called me Mr. Waterless. Kalpna did the accounting. Then we sold it and came back here and bought this land”

What a great story and what beautiful prickly pears.

Time to visit the house.

This one is from Kenya but the hat is Sicilian.

Yes, this house is indeed a Sicilian-African blend.

“This is my mom and dad.”

(vediamo foto in inglese)

These are three woods that come from the Indian sea.

But what is this painting?

“it’s a zebra”

A zebra?

“Eye, head and snout”

(vediamo la stanza da letto e kalpna parla in inglese)

Ok it’s time to eat a little something.

Pippo cuts the bread prepared by Kalpna and we season it with oil, garlic and pepper … delicious!

Kalpna in the meantime prepares the pasta alla Norma and we are ready to eat.

What a nice table out here, in front of this Sicilian panorama.

Pippo and Kalpna tell us that they have written two books!

(parliamo in inglese dei libri e delpiu e del meno)

(Kalpna ci fa vedere tutti suoi appunti di ricette)

(ci salutiamo)

It was quite a day with Mr. Waterless and sweet Kalpna.

A Sicilian-African day!


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