Punta del Faro, Pon pon, Etna eruption, la Favorita and much more

Testo in italiano


In this episode of the Cannolo Report:

  • News in Sicily
  • Next weeks in Sicily
  • Out and about in Sicily
  • Sicilian Almanac of the past

News in Sicily

Following the news of this episode

Punta del Faro

It’s one of the three capes of Sicily, the closest one to Italy (less than 3 kms). Monstruos fishes and a crazy climber.

Pon pon

Our Silvana Restivo has met zio Cola, 86, who still make the so called giumma.


Etna is on eruption

The volcano is working, rumbling and smoking. But don’t worry: everything is under control!


Palermo: la Favorita

A drone flies above the gorgeous park among Palermo, Pellegrino mountain and Mondello beach


Next weeks in Sicily

  • Weather
  • Feast of Saint Corrado
  • Carnival in Sicily
  • Teatro Massimo in Palermo: Serva Padrona and Falstaff

Out and about in Sicily

– Santuario SS Crocifisso, Belici

– Cappella Palatina, Palermo

– Castello Acicastello


Almanac of the past

17 February 1743 Francesco Landolina was born in Catania. He discovered the Venere Landolina, a Roman statue of II a.C.

Istituto Luce video Etna eruption in Mascali, 1928-1936

Sicilian saying Cu spatti avi a megghiu patti (“Who divides has the best part”)

The book Antonino Cangemi introduce to us three Sicilians of the past



The wonderful story of Madre Teresa Cortimiglia


Host: Giovanna Battaglia from Sicily

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