San Teodoro cave


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The cave of San Teodoro is a place full of charm in the Northern part of Sicily right next to the village of Acquedolci.

You get there after crossing a citrus grove with the characteristic scent of Sicily.

Right in front of the entrance to the cave there was a pond where hippos bathed 200 thousand years ago.

Outside, you can still collect the bones of these ancient Sicilian pachyderms.

And in these parts also lived the Sicilian dwarf Elephant that was just over one meter in height.

And there were also wolves, foxes, wild boars, small rodents, donkeys.

And there were also the very fearsome hyenas, great predators.

And in fact, many bones found bear the signs of the attack of the hyenas.

The cave was, of course, a favorite place for humans.

It is truly huge!

Here the ancient Sicilians had the hearth, they worked the stones to make hunting tools and tools for everyday life.

Let’s imagine the Sicilian prehistoric people wake up in the morning, rinse themselves in the pond and decide whether to go hunting for some animals or fishing, in the nearby sea, full of fishes and shells.

Several skeletons have been found in this cave, including that of Thea, which is now preserved in the Gemmellaro museum in Palermo.

Thea was not exactly beautiful, she was about 30 when she died and she was 1 meter and 65 centimeters tall; it is the oldest Sicilian found to date.

She should be wealthyl, maybe she was a princess, since the teeth were found intact and the bones in excellent condition: in short, Thea must never have struggled!


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