Sicilian folk medicine episode 2


Testo in italiano


Ancient Sicilian Folk Medicine – Ep 2

Caddi – Geloni – Reuma – Duluri n’ta l’ossa – Pudagra


Ancient folk medicine: Caddi (Calli) – To soften the callus it is advisable to put a piece of fresh meat on it; or a slice of roasted lemon. Or, take a snail, squash it, and place it on the callus.

Ancient folk medicine: Geloni (Frostbite) – Frostbite are produced from attassatu blood that is frozen blood. For its cure put roasted and very hot lemon leaves. Or pour your own urine on the frostbite or rub the pig’s penis. Another excellent method is to pass it on to another person by suddenly saying: “Vi vuliti accattari sti rosuli?” and the frostbite immediately passes to the other person. Finally, a girl who has frostbite can pass it on to another by knocking at her door. As soon as she says who is it, she replies “Rosuli!” and she runs away.

Ancient folk medicine: Reuma (Rheumatism) – Rub in the sore part Ogghiu of Scurpiuni, which is an oil in which scorpions and tarantulas have previously been cooked. Another excellent remedy is to pass an Ogghiu di Crassentuli, which is an oil in which earthworms have been infused.

Ancient folk medicine: Duluri n’ta lossa (Arthritis) – Rub fat of hen or horse or ox or viper into the sore part. If the pain persists, it means that some witch has made you the evil eye, because he wants you to ‘nchiuvari a na seggia, which means to nail you to a chair. It is probably the cause of a love betrayal and then we need another woman capable of removing the evil eye.

Ancient folk medicine: Pudagra (Gout) – Gout is the desease of the rich because it is often caused by too much meat consumption. According to the ancient Sicilians the best way to heal from it is to take male urine and put it in the red area and this will work for sure.

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