Sicilian people: the carrettiere, a fuitina and more


Testo in italiano


Tales of old Sicilian people

Nar: Meanwhile, congratulations you are very elegant.

He: Very elegant … we are here …

Nar: Is that an antique watch?

He: Yes, I’ve had it for 70 years  

Nar: What class are you?

He: 1928

Nar: What did you do in life?

He: A wonderful  job for me : the pastor. I did it for 65 years.

Nar: It is true that the shepherds become a bit poets because they always think

He: Yes its true.

Nar: The sheep to whom your were fond of what was her name?

He: Maria

Nar:  In the weekend back in your days you used to go to the sea?

He: Which sea … to work

Nar: And how did you meet your wife , did you take her to the club?

He: No, but what club!

I met her in a street in the village and I told her I liked her and she said to me: it’s fine with me but you have to talk to my parents first.

Nar: If they didn’t agree, she would do  the fuitina

He: Sure

Splendid Tip (la fuitina)


Marriage proposals and dreams of old Sicilian people

Nar: To be 90 years old you look great

You:  didn’t tell me your name

He: Giuseppe Terranova

Nar: Nickname?

U scuraru, but I don’t know what that means

Nar: Your name is Ma’m

She: Santina Todaro

Nar: Class?

She: 1939

My husband courted me from age 14 up to 23.

Nar: It was pretty  tough  huh?

She: And I always said no

I had so many marriage proposals, and I always said no

Nar: You arrived after the wedding at home, let’s get to the point. Did your heart beat the first wedding nigh?

She: yeah .. 

Nar: How were you dressed?

She: I had a nightgown made by me

Nar: What color?

She: Light blue

I worked with sewing but then I had to leave because my husband didn’t want me to work, because I just had to take care of the house

Nar: Do you dream of those times?

He: I dream that I am with the animals, that I call themMontalbano Elicona-Milo, The Voice


The carrettiere

Interview taken from the Chitichitossa program, Italian Radio Public Network, 2010. A program by Giovanni Vallone (President of Splendid Sicily) Directed by: Daria Corrias Edited by: Fabiana Carambolante

Nar: Your name is

He: Lizzio Salvatore born in 1923

I was a carrettiere , a sort of truck driver of antiquity. I used to bring from Milo, 1000 meters high, and bring wood and fruit. I left at midnight. When I returned I used to bring things here to Milo: pasta, flour.

This work ended in the 1950s when the cars arrived.

Yes, I often dream of it me  with my cart.

The horse was called Giorgio

Nar: Like my father

He: It lived  20 years.

I slept on the cart: Giorgio knew the way and returned alone.

Once they stopped me and stole the cherries and 1500 lire.

Nar: Listen Mr. Lizzio is it true as the saying goes: It was better when it was worse?

He: I have been  alway  good because work ennobles man

Nar: Was your cart painted?

He: Yes with Roman customs, with Nero

Thank you so much dear old Sicilian people!


Birth date characters: 1928, 1939/1923 (the carrettiere)

Location: Montalbano Elicona / Milo (the carrettiere)

Year of the interview: 2018/2010 (the carrettiere)

Shepherd, appointment with his future wife, “scuraru” nickname, light blue night gown,the carrettiere


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