Sicilian proverbs (ep. 1)


Testo in italiano


“Lu fuiri è vriogna, ma è sarvamentu di vita” (“Running away it’s shame but it’s life saving”)

“Cu’ di sceccu ni fa mulu, lu primu cauciu è lu so” (“Who of a donkey makes a mule, the first kick is for him”. But the real meaning is “he who does good to ungrateful receives immediately ingratitude”)

“Cu’ sparti avi la megghiu parti” (“Who divides has the best part”)

“La puvirtà non è vriogna, ma mancu è un priu” (“Poverty is not a shame, but not even a quality”)

“Ci dissi lu surci a la nuci : Dammi tempu e ti  spirtusu”

“’U pisci feti d’ ‘a testa” (“The fish stinks from the head”, which means that, in a community, big or small, the bad behavior of everyone originates from the person in charge of the community. For example: if the store owner is rude the employees will be as well)

“Chiù scuru di mezzanotti nun po’ fari” (“Darker than midnight can not do”, or “when you hit rock bottom things can not get worse”)

“Cu amici e cu parenti nun accattari e nun vinniri nenti” (“From friends and relatives do not buy or sell anything”)


Sara Favarò (Sicilian language editor)


Giovanna Battaglia (Narrator)



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