Taormina: where everything is beautiful


Testo in italiano



Oh my what a beautiful day!

I adjust the camera and I’m ready for my run.

Isola Bella, wonder of Sicily!

So, the program is this: I go up to Taormina and then I come down here again for a refreshing bath.

Let’s go.

There is an amazing view.

Hello sun I recommend you: don’t overdo it with your hugs!

October 18th in Sicily: 28 degrees!

How many prickly pears, I have to be careful not to run too close to the thorns!

Hello everybody.

A bus full of tourists: hey, ciaoooo!

From here begins the climb towards Taormina.

“The beginning of these deep road that at the end will lead me on top, Taormina center. See you later ”

Km 1

How wonderful, guys: the gulf of Giardini Naxos where the Greeks landed in the eighth century BC and Mount Etna, immense with its 3300 meters of altitude.

Uhmmm those two will be my prey.

(I speak to Polish tourists)

Ok I resume my run.

Puff, poof. Pant, pant.

What a nice climb.

Here I am almost at the top.

Here is one of the narrow alleys that make Taormina look like an Arab city.

I got to the top, hello Taormina.

Km 2

Here is the municipal villa that was once the home garden of Lady Florence Trevelyan, an English aristocrat who married the mayor of Taormina.

Here Florence used to  breed birds.

There is a wonderful view from this place.

How beautiful!

(meeting with German tourists)


Ok, bye bye wonderful villa in Taormina.

A stone chapel.

Let’s take a look.

A thousand smells of  thousand of plants: this is Sicily!

This is Porta Catania one of the two doors of Taormina that encloses the medieval city.

Let’s go inside.

Excuse me, excuse me … ladies with a backpack, lady with the necklace, lady with children, gentleman with a hat …

“Hello ma’m what a beautiful house. What a  good smell what are you eating today? ”

“Pasta with tomato sauce”.

Ok I got to go

“Excuse me but who are you?”

“A writer who runs!”

How many people out for a walk.

Slurpslurp, Sicilian ice creams: how many flavors!

What a nice shop: let’s see

Don’t worry, I know I’m a little sweaty.

I’m running around Sicily and saw this nice shop

“Thank you so much”

How many beautiful Sicilian colors, what is this shop called?

“Antica sartoria”

Okay: he convinced me I buy something for my wife

“Take this, it’s very Sicilian”

All right!

(meeting with Americans I ask them about cannoli)

How many alleys that go up and down from this beautiful place

Yes, we are in the Middle Ages!

Another arch: let’s see where it takes me

Piazza 9 Aprile, the heart of Taormina.

Two musicians: can you make me hear something Sicilian?

Ciuri, ciuri, ciurì di tutto l’annooo …

Ok we leave again

Ma’m is the granita good?

And don’t look at me like that: you’ve never seen someone with a camera on their head!

Still irresistible smells: what beautiful sweets

What are the best-selling sweets?

“Cannolo and cassata”

How many wonderful things, can you  prepare me a bag to take away

Thank you goodbye

So, I have my wife’s gift and a little package with Sicilian sweets.

Energy for end of stroke

Another nice shop with Sicilian ceramics

Hi M’am what  beautiful ceramic

There are Moor’s heads and many other typical objects


Km 5

Puffpuff, pantpant I resume my run

It’s time to go for a bath.

This is Porta Messina, I get out of the walls.

This road goes down to the sea, exactly where I started from.


Km 7

Ciao everyone from this wonderful Sicily!


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