The quite world of Danila and Luciano




The quite world of Danila and Luciano

Text by Giovanni Vallone


We are in Eastern Sicily, in the realm of Pantalica, one of the most mysterious place in Sicily, where, about 10.000 of years ago, bearded preistoric Sicilians dug thousands of tombs in the rock giving shape to one of the most suggestive landscape in the world!

In the green valley of Pantalica, Sicilian countryside with its evocative landscapes, recalls the times of Theocritus, the Sicilian philosopher who in the IV century b.C. gave birth to the bucolic poetry, the poetry of sheperds and nature.

That is, the Sicily of our today hero: Danila and Luciano.

We are in the countryside of Cassaro, just above Pantalica.

Here there are Danila and Luciano accompanied by a party of doggies!

Meantime that Danila goes inside the house preparing the lunch we have a stroll with Luciano in the nice and relaxing property of the couple.

Luc “I left everything and moved here”

There are many kind of fruits among others the Olive trees that in this part of Sicily gives a prestigious olive oil.

There is also the vegetable garden that Luciano takes care personally.

Dan “Please suite yourself!”

Here we are inside the house that is full in Danila’s artwork.

She is a very appreciated Sicilian artist of ceramic.

In the bedroom there is a painting depicting the Three of the life with two angels as guardians of the house.

Dan “I had a vision and for me this is the imaginary town that is located over the rainbow. Is the town where I do hope to meet again, one day in the future, Lion, my beloved dog who after his death inspired to me this fantastic place where I am sure now he is”

Here it is the colorful kitchen built by Luciano with the ceramic of Danila.

Danila is cooking: the pot is on the fire!

Dan “These are the Tenerumi vegetables with the datterino tomatoes both from our garden of course, and then I add handmade pasta”

Dan “Bread too is handmade”

Here we have also the caponata and the pipicorni, a typical pepper from this area.

And finally here we are: sitting at the table, ready to eat!

Food will taste better in the wonderful ceramic plates made by Danila and with the products of the vegetable garden picked up by Luciano.

What a peacefull day.

Healty life, countryside life.

Dan “We know to one another since our young age and at a certain point, many years later, he fell in love for me! You know, he came one day to fix the water heater in my ceramic laboratory…! you know how these things happen…

Dan “My parents live in Syracuse, in the downtown, at the fifth floor of a palace, where I grew up and from where I escaped! I can’t live anymore in a town”

Dan “This is Cassaro sausage with black pepper, wild fennel and wine”

Luc “I am older than she and I remember when in her young age she came to Cassaro, her birthplace town, to visit her grandparents. I was very attached to her Grandpa, a fantastic man ”

Dan “My Grandpa was very beloved and respected in the little town of Cassaro ”

Luc “I began to drive a car when I was 14 years old. When I was given the drive license I was already able to drive the trucks. My favourite passtime was to drive in reverse all along Cassaro!”

Luc “I did the truck driver, the electrician and the weld people too! I mean, I used to close deads in the coffin”

Here it is the sausage

Mamma mia, it’s fantastic!

Luc “One day I went to Syracuse with my motorcycle. Was a cold day. When I back at home I felt a bit bad so I went to bed and turned on the electric blanket. I fell asleep and at a certain point I suddenly woke up wrapped by the flames. Don’t tell me how, but I escaped from the room without any burn in my body.  There was an image of Saint Anton, the patron saint of Cassaro, above the bed. I do believe he rescued me”

And, to finish our meal here we have figs of Danila and Luciano farm.

We have eaten them without remove the peel!

This beautiful day is coming to an end, is the momento to pay visit to the vegetable garden of the couple.

Dan “My Grandpa was a special man: strong and generous. He has supported two families. Don Nunzio wore always the coppola, was always well dressed, odorous and bearded”

Luciano picked up for us hot peppers explaining what we have to do once we did back at home.

We enjoyed a gorgeous day in the quite world of Danila and Luciano.

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