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Our Cultural Department is proud to share Sicily with all the world. Choice your event. We can do it online or on site; in Italian or English language.

Lenght of the meeting: 1 hour

Sara Favarò (writer, author, ethno-antropologist, journalist): “Proverbs, sayings, nursery rhymes, counts”. Ask more

Eolo Bottaro (artist): “Working creatively in Sicily setting up an affordable studio”. Ask more

Tonino Giunta (diver): “The trap of wizard Circe: cannonballs, boats, amphoras … come with me underwater. Ask more

Eliana Calandra (Director ethno-antropological Museum Pitrè and Director Historic archive of Palermo municipality): “Jewish in Sicily”. Ask more

Stefania Hartley (writer): The Sicilian Mama: stories from Trinacria. Ask more

Dario Piombino Mascali (scientist): “The story of the Sicilian mummies: Rosalia Lombardo and the others”. Ask more

Alfonso Lo Cascio (journalist): “Cultural and environmental heritage in Sicily”. Ask more

Giovanni Vallone (writer, author, ethno-antropologist): “The inland of Sicily: a world apart”. Ask more

Claudio Paterna (writer): “Religious feasts in Sicily: between sacred and profane”. Ask more

Irene Varveri Nicoletti (writer, painter): “Stories of Sicilian women”. Ask more

Arianna Attinasi (writer, publisher): “Damiano Cosenza, the Sicilian walker”. Ask more

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