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My name is Rosetta Pavone, I was born in Sicily in the small agricultural town of Valguarnera , Provence of Enna, in 1954. I migrated to Australia at the age of three with my family.

I am a practicing artist with a passion for Italy and my birthplace, Sicily. My work is inspired by, The Migration Story, “The Hand made” with a focus on female identity, and the portrayal of ‘la donna’ as a key figure of family life, her creative talents, determination, courage and her resilience in the face of adversity.

My love of art and knowledge about Italian history and my Sicilian culture led me on a path of self-discovery from a young age.  After years of work, marriage, business and family, I embarked on a journey of formal education, as a mature aged student.  I am proud to say that I have gained a Diploma in Visual Arts and a Degree in Fine Arts, with a major in printmaking.

I am also an Iconographer specializing in Sacred Art.

I use my skills to promote “All things Italian”, Together with my Sicilian husband Tanino, we facilitate Art & Language Study programs in Florence each year.

We also have the pleasure of organizing small groups to travel to Sicily to discover and experience the unique treasures, history and culture of our amazing homeland.

Rosetta Pavone


HOST: Carmela D’Amore (Radio Splendid Sicily Director)

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