Pirates, a butcher, an elder, arabs and much more

Testo in italiano


In this episode of the Cannolo Report:

  • News in Sicily
  • Next weeks in Sicily
  • Out and about in Sicily
  • Sicilian Almanac of the past

News in Sicily

Following the news of this episode


The virus

It looks that the virus in slowing down. Hopefully. In the meantime Nature is regenerating itself.


Mamma li turchi!

Pirates are coming! The great Sicilian problem from XIV century onward. The chain of towers along the coastline.


Mario the butcher

Let’s visit a typical Sicilian butchery


The Arabs in Sicily

The Arabs ruled only 200 years from 827 to 1091 but it is as if they had never left influencing strongly, among other things, the subsequent dominations that took him as travelers, architects, artists.


Summertime is coming …

… and Sicily is waiting for you. Welcome to the land of bright sun, warm sea, and good food. And friendly people of course!



Out and about in Sicily

  • Serpotta’s stucco at Oratorio dei Bianchi in Palermo
  • A 94 old woman collects Carobs
  • The prehistoric tomb of the Prince in Castelluccio di Noto


Almanac of the past

11 May 1860 Garibaldi lands in Sicily. The island joins to Italy

Istituto Luce video An asphalt mine, 1930

Sicilian saying Ccu amici e ccu parenti, ‘un accattari e ‘unn vinniri nenti (From friends and relatives do not buy or sell anything)

Travellers of the past Goethe arrives in Palermo in 1875



The 89 year old nonna of Bisaquino


Host: Giovanna Battaglia from Sicily

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